Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles become full with oil and dead skin cells.  This can cause whiteheads, blackheads or painful pimples.  It is most common among teenagers, however, it does affect people of all ages.  Although persistent, acne is treatable.  Our licensed esthetician has years of training and knowledge with treating acne. We offer several acne treatment options to deliver clear bright skin.  Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary skin evaluation.

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It can be hard to know exactly what is causing acne breakouts.  There are a few known factors that can cause acne and make it hard to manage.

  • Hormones– from what many believe this is one of the most common causes of most acne in teenagers and adults.  Hormones changes in the body can cause an increase in oil production creating a flare in acne breakouts.
  • Medications– there are certain drugs, such as corticosteroids, that can spike breakouts in the skin.  The symptoms typically will go away once the medication is stopped.
  • Diet– studies have shown that carbohydrate rich foods can be a trigger for or worsen acne breakouts. There is also thought that certain dietary restrictions such as diary and sugar will benefit those suffering from acne.
  • Stress– stress doesn’t necessarily cause acne, but it doesn’t help.  Those with high stress levels, tend to have slower healing which can lead to longer lasting breakouts.


Acne treatments vary depending on the type and severity.  At our Kansas City MedSpa, we offer several treatments and products to help treat active breakouts, clear congested skin and to maintain the skin health.

Forever Clear BBL

One of the most effective treatments for active acne is Forever Clear BBL.  This treatment uses light and heat to target and destroy the p acne bacteria.  After a session of 4 treatments done once every 2 weeks, you will notice a significant reduction in the active breakouts, as well as the red marks left from acne.  While results are typically seen quickly with this treatment, the end result may be visible up to 12 weeks following the 4th treatment.  Maintenance treatments are on an as needed basis, but it is recommended to do one treatment every 2-3 months to keep the skin clear. This no downtime treatment is great combined with facials to manually clear the pores of any debris for prevention of future breakouts.


A series(3) chemical peels with our ViPeel Purify does a beautiful job of targeting acne while resurfacing the skin.  This is helpful for absorbing oil and lightening pigment.  Each peel is spaced about 4 weeks apart.  The Purify ViPeel is safe for all skin types and yields beautiful results in the reduction of bacteria and scarring.


Sometimes just a good cleaning is what the skin needs to clear up.  Using all clinical grade products, our esthetician Kelsey will formulate the best facial for your skin.  Whether it is our Hydrafacial or diamond glow facial, she will do manual extractions to clear congestion along with the proper products to target the oil production and bacteria. This will allow for better product penetration and avoid breakouts by clearing congested pores.

Skin Products

In office treatments are necessary to reach the best results with treating acne, however, at home care is just as important.  When you’re using the proper products daily to keep your skin clean and target your oil production, you’ll maintain your treatment results.  Using improper products for your skin can trigger breakouts and leave you feeling frustrated.  We believe that skin care isn’t one size fits all.  Our esthetician will do a full skin assessment and customize the perfect at home routine for your skin to accompany the treatments you are receiving.

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If you’re tired of dealing with acne breakouts, contact our office today to schedule your complimentary skin analysis.  Your esthetician will fully assess your skin, talk with you about your current protocol and make suggestions for treatments and products that best suit you.