The eye area has been a focal point of the face, more so over the past year with mask wearing. For a year now there has been a large focus all about the eyes. Are you doing all you can to keep your eye area looking young?  The skin around the eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of the skin on the face.  Because of this, it shows aging much faster.  We have several options to help with the eye area from products and non-invasive treatments to lasers and surgery.  Thinking you need some help brightening and tightening your eyes?  Contact us today to see which options will work best for you.

Products for the Eye Area

Products that are meant for the face are not typically safe to use on the eye area.  Due to the active ingredients and strength, they can do more harm than good.  Prevention is huge when tackling this delicate skin, so it’s best not to wait until the aging starts showing.  We have several options of products, specifically for the eye area to help prevent aging from starting. Taking care of the skin around the eyes is very similar to the process of the face.  Protection, hydration and correction.

Anti-Oxidant Protection

Using a topical antioxidant will protect the skin from ultra violet and environmental stress.  This will significantly delay the aging process.  If you currently use a topical vitamin c on your face, you should definitely consider adding one to your eye area.  The iS Clinical C Eye Serum, is a light serum that will give your eyes the protection they need and set the foundation for healthy skin.

Hydration & Correction

That leaves us with hydration and correction. Most of our clinical skin care eye creams provide moisture and correction.  We have several options available from Skin Medica and Skin Ceuticals that hydrate, lighten circles and add hydration to help with creppiness and fine lines.  As well as, a wonderful cooling instant bright eye mask.  This at home mask will instantly rejuvenate your under eye area, lessen bags and intensely hydrate.  They are great to be used first thing in the morning to help with puffiness.

Our estheticians Heather and Natalie always offer complimentary skin evaluations and consultations.  They will talk with you about your skin and health history and do a full

and recommend the best products and treatments for your skin.  We believe that skin care isn’t one size fits all and each person deserves a custom at home routine specifically designed with their skin in mind.

Non-Invasive Eye Treatments

We’ve got the at home care down for the eye area, but sometimes it’s just not quite enough.  The creppy skin under the eyes and the lines around the eyes, need a little help from a treatment.  Combing the perfect at home care routine and clinical treatments can deliver beautiful long lasting results.

Diamond Glow

Our favorite and most popular monthly facial is also done around the eye area.  If you’ve had a Diamond Glow Facial, then you’ve already experienced this, but if you haven’t you’re really missing out.  This treatment not only gives your skin an amazing exfoliation and leaves it feeling soft and smooth, but it also intensely hydrates the under eye skin.  Diamond Glow offers 5 different diamond cut tips and one smooth tip.  The smooth tip is used with light suction around the eye area to infuse the Ultra Hydrating Pro-Infusion Serum.  This is like giving your eye area a big drink of water.  Top that with your at home products and you’re good to go!


Smiling and squinting can lead to those stubborn crow’s feet or laugh lines.  Because these lines are caused by muscle movement with expressions, there are no at home products that will lessen them.  Botox weakens the muscle so the lines are no longer forming when you make these expression, which in return lessens the appearance of already formed lines or prevents the formation of new lines.  Don’t worry! You can still smile and squint, your face won’t look frozen, just softer.  Our talented nurse injector, Anne, will do a full assessment to determine if botox is the right option for you.  Botox treatments are typically done every 3-6 months, depending on the person.  Having botox while incorporating a good at home routine, will prevent future damage and get you ahead of the aging process.

Invasive Eye Treatments

Genetics, age, weight loss and life style can all play a role in the way our skin ages.  This is especially visible around the eyes.  While they all have their important role, sometimes the botox and products just aren’t enough.  Invasive procedures around the eye area are very common and deliver beautiful results.


Laser treatments are a great  combination with Botox and your  at home products.  Due to lines being formed by the muscles, botox is still important to limit muscle movement.  However, for lines that are already deep set, having a little laser help is the way to go.  We offer fractionated and full ablative lasers, depending on your skin type and the severity of the damage.  Halo Hybrid Laser is our most popular laser.  This is laser as well as ProFractional and MicroLaser Peel is administered by our licensed estheticians, and recovery is typically less than one week.  Protective eye wear does have to be worn during these lasers, however, the laser is able to be performed right over the orbital bone.  This will help smooth surface lines and stimulate new collagen production.


Blepharoplasty, or Eye Lid Surgery is a very common and straight forward surgical procedure.  With over 25 years of experience, Kansas City’s best plastic Surgeon, Dr. Chhatre hands down is your best option for any surgical procedures.  The Blepharoplasty surgery can be done on both of the lower AND upper eyelids if needed.  Once examined by Dr. Chhatre he will discuss what he believes what the best options would be.   This surgery is done in our in office  state accredited surgery suite.  All interactions from your first appointment, surgery and all follow ups will be with our attentive, compassionate and skilled staff.

This surgery consists of the removal of excess skin and fat from the eye area.  With Dr. Chhatre’s expert eye and skill set, the minute scars are hidden well in the eye crease or under the eye lashes and are barely visible.  Following the procedure, it is advised that you take about 7 days off of work. This is important for the healing of the incisions and to avoid any access swelling and bruising. The sutures are removed 7 days following the procedure and makeup can then be applied.  There are instances where bruising is present, this can be treated with arnica oil, BBL with one of our estheticians, or simply covered with makeup. Click here to see some amazing work on Dr. Chhatre’s very own patients.

All About the Eyes

We have something for everyone when it comes to treating the eye area.  Our expert staff will lead you in the right direction for your skin and desires.  Contact our Kansas City Plastic Surgery and MedSpa today to learn more.


Dr. Chhatre is an amazing plastic surgeon in KC. He is very straightforward and extremely skilled. I considered my procedure for over a decade, and consulted with multiple area surgeons. I am so happy I chose to go with Dr. Chhatre. I had a very smooth surgery and recovery, and two years post-surgery, I’ve still had no complications and my results look amazing. If you are looking into abdominoplasty with muscle repair in the KC area, go to Summit Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

Carolyn S. M.

I can not say enough good things about Dr Chhatre, his nurses and staff. Over a span of about 20 years, Dr. Chhatre has done 3 surgeries for me and several sutures on my face from a serious car accident. He has ALWAYS been so pleasant and kind, understanding and listens to what you want and need. He has nurses and staff that have been with him for years which really says a lot. They are all so amazing. Cara in particular has been absolutely amazing this last go round. Dr. is so lucky to have them all and I’m very happy and thankful for them as well. Highly recommend this practice to everyone in need of any cosmetic or medical issues. ❤️

Andrea C.

I am very pleased with Dr. Chhatre and his staff. His knowledge and expertise are priceless; he is honest and not just about consuming money - straight forward consults. I am beyond pleased with the progress of my procedure and the follow-up care received. The nursing staff are all very knowledgeable, which helps put you at ease. I would recommend Dr. Chhatre to anyone considering making a surgical choice - the level of knowledge he has is greatly appreciated. This was not a decision that I took lightly - I searched and considered for over 10 years, finally making my decision to trust my care to Dr. Chhatre, extremely grateful.

Angie M.

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