Online shopping has become more and more popular.  The convenience of not having to leave your home and have your orders delivered to your door make it more and more attractive. But, do you know what you’re actually getting?  At Summit Plastic Surgery and MedSpa we carry authentic skin care products.  This ensures safety for your skin and investment.  That is our top priority while carrying for your skin.


Authentic Vs. Fake

The amount of times we here patients say that they found the products recommended by our estheticians online cheaper is astounding.  While there may be a cheaper option out there, the authenticity is questionable.  Copycats have gotten really good at replicating packaging and it can be almost impossible to distinguish real from fake.  If you turn to discounted online shops, you could be receiving expired, fake or improperly stored products.  This can be extremely harmful to the health of your skin.  If you’re wanting to get the full benefit from the clinical skin care products, stick with an authorized retailer.


Clinical Grade Skin Care

Skin care is very similar to health and fitness of your body.  Using at home skin care products is equivalent to your nutrition and professional skin treatments from a licensed professional is like going to the gym.  Most people won’t go to a trainer and go home to eat only processed foods.  The same goes for your skin.  The investment of healthy skin with professional treatments should be balanced with proper, safe and authentic products.  At our Kansas City MedSpa, Heather and Natalie, offer complimentary skin evaluations where they will recommend the proper combination of skin care treatments and products for you.  We carry all clinical skin care lines.  These lines include: Skin Ceuticals, Obagi, iS Clinical and Skin Medica.


Shop Authentic Skin Care Products Local

While ensuring authenticity is extremely important. Supporting local small businesses is a top priority as well.  Purchasing your professional skin care from our Kansas City area Medial spa, ensures the safety of your skin and supports our estheticians. They take the time to stay up to date on all of the latest products and ingredients available. Once consulting with you, they will take the time to recommend and explain each product suitable for your skin. So, if you’re interested in learning which products will be best for you, contact our office today.




Dr. Chhatre is an amazing plastic surgeon in KC. He is very straightforward and extremely skilled. I considered my procedure for over a decade, and consulted with multiple area surgeons. I am so happy I chose to go with Dr. Chhatre. I had a very smooth surgery and recovery, and two years post-surgery, I’ve still had no complications and my results look amazing. If you are looking into abdominoplasty with muscle repair in the KC area, go to Summit Plastic Surgery and Medspa.

Carolyn S. M.

I can not say enough good things about Dr Chhatre, his nurses and staff. Over a span of about 20 years, Dr. Chhatre has done 3 surgeries for me and several sutures on my face from a serious car accident. He has ALWAYS been so pleasant and kind, understanding and listens to what you want and need. He has nurses and staff that have been with him for years which really says a lot. They are all so amazing. Cara in particular has been absolutely amazing this last go round. Dr. is so lucky to have them all and I’m very happy and thankful for them as well. Highly recommend this practice to everyone in need of any cosmetic or medical issues. ❤️

Andrea C.

I am very pleased with Dr. Chhatre and his staff. His knowledge and expertise are priceless; he is honest and not just about consuming money - straight forward consults. I am beyond pleased with the progress of my procedure and the follow-up care received. The nursing staff are all very knowledgeable, which helps put you at ease. I would recommend Dr. Chhatre to anyone considering making a surgical choice - the level of knowledge he has is greatly appreciated. This was not a decision that I took lightly - I searched and considered for over 10 years, finally making my decision to trust my care to Dr. Chhatre, extremely grateful.

Angie M.

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