Red and flushed skin can be hard to cover.  It can feel rough, dry and feel impossible to cover, even with heavy makeup.  At our Kanas City area MedSpa we offer the best treatment combination to target unsightly facial veins as well as the diffused red flushed look to the skin.  Contact us to learn more and schedule your complimentary skin evaluation.


Broad Band Light(BBL) by Sciton is a photo rejuvenation treatment used to target pigment.  With the option of different filters to reach different wavelengths in the skin, this treatment can be completely customized to achieve results regardless of the color of pigment you’re wanting to treat.  Because the red facial veins and brown pigment are located on different levels of the skin, it’s important to use a device that also targets these different levels.  Sciton is the gold standard medical skin care device manufacturer on the market and we are proud to be one of the very first in the Kansas City, Missouri area to offer it. Our estheticians, Natalie and Heather have had on going and top notch training with our Sciton platform, and have delivered the results to prove it.

Once your skin is assessed, your esthetician will follow the proper protocol to reach the best level of results with the BBL.  To target and treat the unsightly facial veins, it make take between 3-5 treatments, with great results seen in as little as one.  The BBL system uses heat to send the light to the appropriate wavelength in the skin to target the red veins.  The light targets the hemoglobin and heats it to destruction.  The end point following the treatment is an overall warm and red look to the area treated.  This typically only lasts about 12-24 hours.  Once the overall redness has diminished, you will notice a significant reduction in the individual veins.  Treatments for facial vessels can be performed every 3-4 weeks until desired results are reached.

Clear Silk

While BBL does a fantastic job targeting the red facial veins, it needs a little assistance in reaching the small diffused red pigment.  These tiny vessels are too small for the BBL to see. This is where Clear Silk comes into play.  ClearSilk is also part of our Sciton Joule Platform.  It is a versatile treatment that is safe for all skin types and can be used any time of the year.  With the ability to target both red and brown pigment, fine lines, acne scarring and skin texture, it is a wonderful option to maintain your skin results all year long.

This laser uses heat to deposit deep into the dermis of the skin.  As the heat slowly rises during treatment, it causes bulk heating which stimulates the bodies natural healing process to eliminate pigment and reduce vascularity. This treatment can be done every 7-14 days with no discomfort or down time.  Depending on the severity of your redness, your esthetician will advise how many treatments will be necessary to reach your desired results. This process will help reduce the overall red tone to the skin as well as the appearance of flushing following activities.

BBL + Clear Silk Combined

For patients suffering from Rosacea or just an overall red complexion, combining these two powerhouse treatments together is a win.  Combining the BBL treatment with ClearSilk will target both levels of redness, while also treating unwanted brown pigment.  There is no better option available today for the treatment of unwanted pigment and a ruddy skin tone.

If you’re tired of trying to cover your skin and are ready to say goodbye to your makeup. Contact our Kansas City MedSpa today to schedule your complimentary skin analysis.  Our estheticians will customize the perfect treatment plan and post care recommendations specifically for your skin.