Before Dr. Chhatre performs body lift treatments, he will thoroughly evaluate a variety of factors to determine patient candidacy, including heart health, reactions to medications, ability to recover, and more. The body lift procedure involves the removal of excess fat and skin, and patients will need to exhibit a steady weight and good skin elasticity before the doctor approves them for surgery.

Dr. Chhatre will examine medical records and recommendations from other doctors when determining whether patients are body lift candidates at our Kansas City, MO, practice.

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Determining Candidacy

Before performing any surgery, Dr. Chhatre will review the patient’s medical history and current medications. Patients should not have any allergies to medications, especially anesthesia. The patient will also need to exhibit good heart health, and should otherwise be in good physical health.

Candidates for the procedure should refrain from excessive alcohol consumption, and will need to quit smoking a few weeks before surgery. Smoking can restrict the flow of blood, affecting the healing process.

The Physical Condition Of Typical Candidates

Good candidates for a body lift procedure have excess fat, skin, and tissue that droops in the abdominal region. If the doctor determines during your exam that the excess tissue is mostly fat, he may suggest further weight loss before he performs the procedure.

Most patients who undergo a body lift procedure do so after undergoing massive weight loss. Losing a large amount of weight may leave the body with excess fat and skin that needs to be removed for cosmetic and medical reasons. As such, the doctor requires patients to have lost between 30 and 50 percent of their body weight to qualify for the procedure. Additionally, patients will need to demonstrate a stable weight for one to two years.

Dr. Chhatre is an expert surgeon who will carefully determine whether a body lift is the right solution to achieve your cosmetic goals.

If a patient’s weight loss is the result of bariatric surgery, the doctor may require the approval of the bariatric specialist before performing this procedure. The doctors will often collaborate to ensure the patient’s well-being during surgery.

Maintaining Your Results

In order to enjoy optimal results, it is important that patients do the following:

  • Candidates will need to commit to a program of exercise and nutrition in order to ensure proper healing and to enjoy the results of their procedure for years to come.
  • Patients who plan to become pregnant should wait until after having children to have the procedure, as pregnancy may undo the results.
  • Because plastic surgery and the recovery process that follows can present a long journey to desired results, it is imperative that patients have a positive attitude and are in good psychological health.
  • Patients should have realistic expectations of the results that the surgery can provide. Some scars may be present after healing. Additionally, as patients age, their skin may begin to sag again.

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