If you have lost one or both breasts, reconstruction can restore your appearance and give you a complete sense of healing. During your initial consultation, Dr. Matt Chhatre, will discuss whether you should consider the benefits of the procedure. Breast reconstruction may be especially helpful if you have had a mastectomy and wish to restore the size and shape of your breast. During your consultation, Dr. Chhatre will ensure that you are healthy, have realistic goals, and can commit time to the treatment. To learn if you are a breast reconstruction candidatecontact Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in the Kansas City, MO-area today.

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Who Can Benefit From Breast Reconstruction?

Typically, Dr. Chhatre performs breast reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis. In many cases, he can collaborate with your treatment team, offering breast reconstruction at the same time as your mastectomy. This technique is also known as immediate breast reconstruction. However, he can perform this surgery at any time, even years after you lose your breast.

Breast cancer is the most common reason for reconstruction surgery. However, you might also choose this procedure after an accident or illness that has changed the shape of your breasts. Dr. Chhatre can also perform reconstruction after a preventive mastectomy. He can reconstruct one breast or both simultaneously.

What You Should Consider

You should be in good overall health before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. If you lost your breast to cancer, you must be cancer-free prior to the procedure. Again, Dr. Chhatre will coordinate with your oncology team to make sure that reconstruction is the best treatment plan for you. In addition, you should not suffer from any autoimmune diseases or blood disorders that could compromise healing.

High blood pressure and diabetes can increase your chance of complications. Smoking may also impair healing, so you should be willing to quit smoking for at least several weeks before and after your surgery to qualify for treatment.

Breast reconstruction surgery can involve a great deal of emotion. Dr. Chhatre takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns, and makes sure that you are fully informed prior to making your decision.

Dr. Chhatre will consider your goals and lifestyle before recommending breast reconstruction. The surgery will take place in stages, so you must have enough time to commit to the process. It is also important to have realistic expectations for the procedure. We offer highly advanced forms of breast reconstruction that can yield very natural results.

It is important to remember that your breasts will not look exactly as they did. Dr. Chhatre will show you before and after images of other patients and explain your likely outcome. This can help you make an informed decision about whether the treatment is right for you.

Which Method Is Right For You?

There are two primary methods of breast reconstruction: implant and flap. With the implant technique, Dr. Chhatre will place a temporary breast implant, which he will gradually fill over several weeks. As the implant becomes larger, your breast tissue will expand to cover it. Implant surgery is simpler than flap surgery and involves a shorter recovery time. On the other hand, you could require revision surgery in the future.

If you choose the flap technique, Dr. Chhatre will rebuild your breast using your natural tissue. In some cases, the flap may remain connected to the original blood vessels and nerves. In other cases, Dr. Chhatre may connect the vessels and nerves to those in your breast tissue. The flap technique involves two surgical sites and, consequently, a lengthier recovery. However, results are permanent and very natural-looking. To qualify for this technique, you must have enough excess tissue for Dr. Chhatre to create the flap.

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Breast reconstruction surgery can involve a great deal of emotion. Dr. Chhatre takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns, and makes sure that you are fully informed prior to making your decision. To learn if you may be a breast reconstruction candidate, contact us today.