Sundamage, rosacea, acne, melasma, fine lines & wrinkles. You have it, we can treat it. Depending on which irregularities you’re wanting to target, combination treatments may be required. At our Kansas City MedSpaour staff is trained with combining treatments to help you achieve restore your youth, brighten your skin and decrease unwanted pigment.

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Damage created by the sun is one of the most common skin conditions that we treat at our MedSpa. There are several options to treat hyperpigmentation.  Our most common and effective combination is the Halo Hybrid Laser and BBL. Using 2 powerful laser wavelengths with the Halo laser, we are able to target the surface and deep pigment.  Add the BBL, this will target the surface pigment to the fullest to reveal clear bright skin from the surface down.

While these two treatments deliver beautiful results, using the proper skin care products at home will prevent future damage. Topical vitamin c serums, SPF and pigment reduction products will continue to maintain your results.


Redness, flushing, facial veins.  They can all be frustrating, hard to cover and feel impossible to fix. We have an amazing combination treatment to target surface vascularity as well as small vessels under the skin. Combining BBL and Clear Silk can reveal clear skin with little redness in just a few treatments and best of all- no down time.

BBL targets the individual facial veins that are visible on the surface- most common on the cheeks, nose and chin.  Using heat, the light from the BBL will heat up and collapse the individual veins.  ClearSilk is a laser that is lightly ‘painted’ over the skin.  This targets the vessels that are too small for the BBL to treat. The end result is reduction in flushing and over all red tones.


Treating acne can be one of the trickiest skin conditions to treat.  With no known cause of acne, it can definitely be trial and error. We have several options for treating acne, and they all start with incorporating the proper products for every day use along with combining in office treatments.

Depending on the type of acne you’re dealing with, your esthetician will assess your skin and recommend the best products specifically for your skin. In office acne treatments  can start with Diamond Glow facials.  Using the pore clarifying pro-infusion serum will be infused into your skin, and mechanical and manual extractions will be performed. Combining your monthly Diamond Glow with a series of Forever Clear BBL will combat surface and deep acne as well as prevent the formation of future break outs.  The Forever Clear BBL will also target the unsightly red marks left from acne to reveal.  Doing a combination of these two treatments with proper at home skin care will reveal clear, bright and clean skin.


Caused by hormones melasma has no cure, however, we are are able to successfully reduce the appearance and reveal bright clear skin. Combining in office treatments such as ViPeels and the Obagi Nu-Derm line at home, your skin will be glowing in just a few short months.

Starting with a 12-16 week at home regime of the Obagi Nu-Derm system, you will build a solid foundation of clear, bright healthy skin. Following this program with a ViPeel or two will complete the process and target any surface stubborn pigment. Once your system is complete, your esthetician will guide you on the proper maintenance protocol to retain your results as best and long as possible.

Most clients suffering from melasma will do a program like this at the end of each summer to target any pigment that has surfaced over the hot summer months.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

As we age our skin loses elasticity and collagen. As a result we notice more sagging skin, dynamic wrinkles from muscle movement and static wrinkles from loss of volume.  There are several options of services and products to combine together to combat aging, increase collagen production and decrease lines and wrinkles.

Botox has been a staple in the aesthetics industry for years as a corrective treatment for moderate to severe lines on the upper portion of the face.  Also used for prevention, botox weakens the muscles used to make expressions. Therefore decreases the visibility of the lines, or prevents the formation all together. Combining botox with treatments such as Halo will target the full face, stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of already visible lines. Dermal fillers also compliment these two treatments with adding restored volume to the cheek area. With this anti-aging trifecta you will regain your youthful appearance, while still looking like you!

At home products are an important piece to the anti-aging puzzle as well. Incorporating growth factors, hydrators and anti-oxidants will protect your skin while maintaining your results.

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