Dermaplaning has quickly become one of the most common aesthetic treatments available today.  This treatment can be done on it’s own, combined with a Diamond Glow or before having an invasive treatment, such as Halo or BBL .  Dermaplaning is a no brainer for any treatment plan. You will love the zero downtime, zero discomfort and quick treatment time. This procedure offers so much more than the removal of vellus hair(peach fuzz).  As we age, our skin’s cell turnover process slows.  Dermaplaning also removes dead skin cells, which is an important part of any skin care regime. If you’re interested in trying dermaplaning  with a trained esthetician, contact our Kansas City Medical Spa today.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Medical skin care treatments require specific training and experience.  Our esthetician at Summit Plastic Surgery, has had proper and extensive training in all offered procedures.  you will receive a safe and effective treatment that has so much benefit. Kelsey will safely use the proper angle and pressure.  Having this procedure at home or by an untrained professional is unsafe and risky.  At Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa our esthetician, Kelsey, has had proper training and unmatched experience with dermaplaing, as well as all aesthetic skin procedures that are offered.

Dermaplane Benefits

One of the most effective solutions for dealing with dull skin, dermaplaining is safe for most skin types and ages.  This turbo charged exfoliation allows for better product penetration, more effective professional treatments and delivers immediate results with brighter, smoother and glowing skin.  The most common question when asked about dermaplaing is “Will it make my hair grow back thicker or darker?”  That answer is undeniably NO.  The myth that once hair is shaved it will come in with coarser or thicker, is just that, a myth. Women have been getting this medical treatment safe and effectively at our MedSpa for 20 years.  Treatments are recommended at 4 week intervals, however, your esthetician will asses your skin and develop  the appropriate skin care plan for you.

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Dermaplaning is also very effective with preventing breakouts and congestion on the skin. Dead skin build up tends to clog the pores, which can not only cause pimples, but block your products from fully penetrating the skin.  However, it is not recommended to have this treatment with active breakouts on the skin.  Scraping can irritate the breakouts and spread bacteria.  Your esthetician will be able to determine if this is the right procedure for you.  Complimentary skin care consultations are always available at our Kansas City MedSpa.  Contact our office today to learn more about dermaplaning in Kansas City