Glowing, healthy, clean skin?  If this is on your wish list, Diamond Glow with Dermaplane is a must. Sometimes combining two treatments together is the best option to achieve the results you’re looking for.  Not sure which skin treatments or professional products are right for your skin?  Contact our office to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation with our licensed esthetician today.

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Diamond Glow

Our most popular monthly skin treatment for every skin type.  Diamond Glow uses a diamond cut microdermabrasion style tip to remove surface dead skin cells to stimulate cell turnover.  This also puts tiny breaks in the skin to allow for penetration of the infusion serums and promote the body’s natural healing process.  There are 5 total Skin Medica pro-infusion serums that your esthetician has the option to choose from. Ultra Hydrating, Pore Clarifying, TNS Advanced+ Growth Serum, Skin Brightening and Vitamin C.  Up to two serums can be used per treatment for a hybrid treatment to yield the best results.  Along with the exfoliation and infusion, the Diamond Glow facial extracts dead skin, dirt and debris from the pores.  This results in cleaner pores and smaller appearance to the pore size.  Your esthetician, Kelsey, will also include manual extractions, if necessary, to give you the completely clean and fresh look and feel.


Dermaplaning is a clinical skin care procedure that has been around for decades, however, has reached a new level of popularity in the past few years.  Using a scalpel style blade, your esthetician will lightly scrape it over your skin.  This process removes surface dead skin cells along with all of the vellus hair that can dull the appearance of the skin.  While this is a common treatment, and is short in time, it is a medical grade skin care treatment, and should only be performed by a licensed and trained professional.  Our esthetician, Kelsey, has had proper training with technique and angles to ensure you have the safest treatment with the best outcome.

Diamond Glow with Dermaplane

Our two most popular monthly treatments are best when paired together.  By starting your facial with a dermaplane, it removes all of the surface hair and skin to give you better penetration of the infusion serum and easier extractions.  The end result is brighter, clearer and softer skin.  Following this combination treatment you will experience better product absorption from your at home skin care products, your makeup will go on smoother and you will need less product.  It’s a win win!

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