Diamond Glow is our most popular monthly skin treatment for creating and maintaining healthy skin. This is more than a facial, this microdermabrasion style device gently removes the top layer of skin while simultaneously delivering serum into the skin.  If you are ready to take your skin to the next level with this non invasive skin resurfacing treatment, contact our Kansas City area MedSpa today.

How it Works

Diamond Glow’s 3×1 technology incorporates Exfoliation to uncover renewed skin, Extraction to deeply cleanse and remove debris from the pores and Infusion with 5 different nourishing ProInfusion™ serums to treat the skin.  This clinical treatment is suitable for most skin types and conditions, from dry and dehydrated, aging and discolored to congested and acne prone. One Diamond Glow treatment has been shown to enhance clarity and luminosity, resulting in instant dewy and brighter skin, with continued improvement with each treatment.

Customizable Treatment

The patented recessed Diamond tip wand delivers a next level resurfacing treatment that is completely customizable to suit each skin type.  Because there are 6 Diamond tips available for a completely customizable treatment, it delivers optimal exfoliation and max efficacy. Your esthetician will pick the best combination of tips to cater to your skin and area being treated. The Diamond Glow treatment can be administered on most areas of the body needing a little improvement. Including: the face, eye area, lips,  neck, chest, hands, arms, hands and back.  Each Diamond Glow facial offered at Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa includes the full face, including the eyes and lips as well as the neck. So, if you’re interested in adding additional areas to your treatment, consult with your us today!

Backed by Science

Science and research go into the ProInfusion™ serums to deliver exceptional skin care with meaningful results.  Designed to work specifically with the ProInfusion™ serums, the Diamond Glow treatment is completely customizable, using serums that are tailored toward specific skin concerns.  All of the serums are sulphate/sulphite free, paraben free and fragrance free.  With the option of 5 serums, your esthetician can combine up to 2 for a hybrid treatment.

Infusion Serums

•TNS Advance+ = targets coarse wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, enhances skin tone and texture
•Skin Brightening =Patented Lumixyl® peptide brightens the skin improving the appearance of uneven  pigmentation.
•Ultra Hydrating =Infusion of hyaluronic acid to rehydrate and smooth the skin
•Vitamin C =  Delivers a deep dose of antioxidants to rejuvenate and protect the skin
•Pore Clarifying = Powerfully addresses imperfections promoting clear skin. Great for acne prone and   congested skin

Healthy Skin

Diamond Glow treatments are recommend approximately every 2-6 weeks for optimal results.   From the cleansers used, serums infused, masques applied  and moisturizers used, this treatment is completely customizable.  Adding a dermaplaining treatment to your session will enhance the entire process.  Experience a spa like treatment with clinical results. Contact our office to schedule your Diamond Glow and full skin assessment with our experienced Licensed Esthetician.