If you are interested in rejuvenating your facial features, Dr. Madhukar G. Chhatre can determine if you are a facelift candidate. During a consultation at his Kansas City, MO– area office, Dr. Chhatre can conduct an in-depth analysis of your goals, current state of health, and medical history. He performs full facelift surgery for patients who desire comprehensive results, as well as mini facelift surgery for patients who desire a subtle enhancement in the lower third of the face. Depending on your goals, Dr. Chhatre may find that you are a better candidate for a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment.

In general, facelift candidates wish to rejuvenate their facial features, are in good overall health, and do not smoke. The surest way to determine if this treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with an experienced and reputable surgeon. To learn more, contact our practice today.

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Full Facelift Candidates

A full facelift is designed to address the entire face, from the brow to the jawline. Most full facelift patients are between the ages of 40 and 70. You may benefit from a full facelift if you wish to minimize deep furrows across the forehead and restore definition in the cheeks and jawline.

Mini Facelift Candidacy

Patients in their 40s may feel that their forehead and middle third of the face do not need a surgical lift, but have concerns about the development of jowls. A mini facelift is designed to treat this specific area by removing some skin tissue, tightening the underlying tissue, and tightening the remaining skin.

Complementary Treatments

Depending on your goals, Dr. Chhatre may recommend additional treatments that can complement a facelift:

  • Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery, can address drooping upper eyelids, as well as bags beneath the eyes.
  • Lip augmentation can help you achieve fuller, more youthful lips.
  • Chin augmentation can give the jaw improved definition.
  • Cheek augmentation can help you achieve youthful, attractive contours in the mid face.
  • Neck lift surgery can eliminate the “wattle” effect that can develop with age.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic can reduce superficial wrinkles around the eyes.
  • JUVÉDERM and other injectable treatments can provide youthful skin volume and reduce signs of aging, such as deep nasolabial folds.

Choosing The Right Treatment Option For You

The best way to find out if a facelift is the right way to achieve your unique aesthetic goals is to meet with a skilled cosmetic surgeon who frequently performs facelift surgery. During your one-on-one appointment, Dr. Chhatre will review your medical history, assess your facial features, and discuss your cosmetic goals in great detail. It is important to note that facelift candidates should have realistic goals. This surgery cannot make you look like a teenager, but when performed by an excellent surgeon, it can help you look rested and more youthful.

Schedule Your Facelift Consultation Today

You deserve to feel confident about your appearance, and Dr. Chhatre can determine the best way to help you achieve the appearance you desire. To learn more about this treatment, and find out whether it is right for you, please reach out to our practice today and set up your facelift consultation.