Skin damage is broad and varies from person to person.  There is no one treatment available  to target all skin imperfections at once.  Depending on the type of damage and the severity doing a combination of multiple skin treatments can yield beautiful results.  At our Kansas City Medical Spa, our licensed esthetician, Kelsey has a vast knowledge and training in which treatments are best for each skin irregularity. Combining medical skin care treatments such as Halo and BBL(Broad Band Light) can target most imperfections synergistically to give you the bright, clear and healthy skin you’ve always wanted.  Contact us today to schedule your complimentary skin evaluation.

What is the Difference of Halo and BBL?

Halo being a laser and BBL being a light make them the perfect compliment to each other. Having the two treatments together does not increase recovery time.  In as little as 5 days, you will have bright, clear glowing skin.


Halo is a hybrid fractionated laser.  This means it uses two separate wavelengths to target different levels of the skin.  The deep wavelength targets and breaks apart deep pigmentation and stimulates collagen production for reduction in deep wrinkles and scarring.  The superficial wavelength targets removes surface skin to help with fine lines, pore size, skin texture and surface pigment.  The two wavelengths are delivered to the skin at the same time for quick and comfortable treatment.

The skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic for approximately one hour prior to the start of the treatment.  Once the anesthetic is removed the treatment itself only takes about 15-20 minutes. There can be swelling on the face from the heat of the laser, this is a positive response in the skin and should subside on it’s own after about 3 days.  In some instances a steroid or antihistamine will be recommended to decrease the severity of the swelling.


BBL is a Broad Band Light, and is the most customizable and powerful Intense Pulsed Light treatment on the market.  This photorejuvenation treatment uses heat to destroy unwanted pigment in the skin.  The BBL wavelengths are able to target superficial brown and red pigment.  Freckles, sundamage, facial veins, and red acne scarring are all improved with BBL treatments. With no downtime or anesthetic required, BBL is a quick treatment that can be done anytime of day.  Because this light targets pigment, there can be no sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after the procedure, and there can be no tan on the skin.  Once the pigment is targeted there will be a gradual ‘peppering’ that appears over the first 24 hours.  This peppering typically lasts for 5-7 days, however, it can easily be covered with makeup.

Combining Halo and BBL

The best of both worlds.  When you combine these two powerhouse treatments you’re targeting all skin imperfections in one treatment.  Deep and superficial hyperpigmentation, skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, scarring and stimulating collagen production.  There is no added downtime when adding BBL to Halo and will still be approximately 5 days.  The skin may feel a little more warmth for the first hour following the procedure, however, this subsides quickly to a very minor and temporary sunburn feel.

The skin will have a bronzed and peppered look and sand paper feel that will increase over the first 48 hours.  There is no heavy flake with the shedding process with these treatments.  Typically around day three, the skin will start to roll when washed in the areas with the most movement, typically around the nose and mouth.  Once the shedding process starts it’s quick.  Your esthetician will recommend to increase your washing once it has started.  This will speed up the shedding process, revealing clear and glowing skin after about 5 days.

Prior to your procedure, your esthetician may advise a certain skin regime or treatment to prepare your skin.  Dermaplaning and Diamond Glow treatments are a very popular prep as they remove surface dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover.  Doing this prior to the Halo and BBL combination treatment, will allow for better results on fresh skin cells.  These treatments are typically done about 2 weeks before and after your treatment.

Halo and BBL Glow

The popularity of these treatments done separately has been high for years. However, the combination of the two at the same time has taken off.  The results are impressive and beautiful.  Maintaining your results is important and your esthetician will recommend the proper at skin care products  and in office maintenance treatments, such as monthly Diamond Glow Facials,  depending on your skin.  Following your maintenance plan will give you longevity with your results allowing you to ditch the makeup and filters and enjoy you beautiful, fresh and clear skin.

Thorough skin care consultations are always complimentary at our Medical Spa serving the Kansas City area.  At the time of your consultation, your esthetician, will assess your skin and take photos with our Visia Complexion Analysis System.  This will allow you and your esthetician to see all levels of the skin for proper guidance.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.