Mastectomy With Immediate Reconstruction

Many patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer and require a partial or full mastectomy find it easier to emotionally cope by undergoing breast reconstruction at the same time. This means that following the surgical appointment, the patient will immediately have breast mounds partially or fully reconstructed.

In addition to benefiting the mental well-being of the patient, this approach can also minimize the amount of surgeries needed, helping save time and money. Dr. Madhukar G. Chhatre, serving patients in the Kansas City, MO, area, understands the importance of this surgery and can coordinate with your doctors to provide a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

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Meeting with your breast cancer treatment team and surgeons to discuss all the reconstruction options available can help enhance your outcome even before a mastectomy.

Traditional Vs. Advanced Reconstructive Techniques

Depending on their diagnosis, women may require a single or double mastectomy. In the past, this surgical procedure required the complete removal of the entire breast, known as a radical mastectomy. In such cases, the only option for breast replacement involved fitting the patient with an external prosthetic. With the advancements in breast cancer treatment and cosmetic surgical techniques, most mastectomies can now be performed in a less-invasive manner to help conserve breast skin. In some cases, the nipple and areola can also be spared.

Planning For Optimal Results

Breast reconstruction with implants is an extensive cosmetic surgery designed to rebuild the breast, nipple, and areola to help restore a woman’s figure after undergoing a mastectomy. Once the breast tissue is removed, the doctor will insert implants and carefully reshape the breasts to mimic your natural shape and size. In cases where the natural nipple and areola cannot be spared, Dr. Chhatre can use a skin graft with tissue from another area of the body.

Benefits Of Combing A Mastectomy With Breast Reconstruction

Combining both breast procedures into one surgery provides patients with several benefits, such as:

  • Improves mental and emotional well-being by providing immediate breast restoration
  • Reduces the number of surgical procedures, helping you save time and money
  • Reduction in total recovery time after surgery
  • Provides realistic, immediate, and natural-looking results

Coordinating Treatment

At Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we understand that breast cancer is a life-changing event. Meeting with your oncologist and other health care providers to discuss all the breast reconstruction options available can help you enhance your outcome even before a mastectomy. Many patients have the option to initiate the breast reconstruction at the same as their mastectomy to achieve an easier recovery.