As we age, we begin to develop wrinkles and laugh lines in our foreheads, around our eyes, and on our cheeks. Although these can be a sign of a life well-lived, many patients wish to restore the smooth skin of their younger years. Dr. Matt Chhatre’s Nurse Injector, Rachel Lawson, offers injectables and dermal fillers at our Kansas City, MO, office to soften facial lines, helping patients achieve a more youthful-looking appearance.

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Why Fine Lines And Wrinkles Develop

Many fine lines and wrinkles on the face are the result of the natural aging process. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, which aids in the production of vitamin D, can actually harm the skin and leave it susceptible to wrinkle and fine line development. Even speaking and making facial expressions can stretch the skin, causing wrinkles to form over time.

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin, the proteins that give our skin its elasticity. By targeting these areas on our skin with specially formulated injectables, we can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a plump, tight, and more youthful appearance.

Injectable Treatment Options

Each patient has unique goals for treatment, and we offer several options to customize your results. Injectables can be a great alternative to facial cosmetic surgery for many patients. Our dermal fillers, JUVEDERM®, Vobella, Voluma, Versa and Radiesse®, are comprised of hyaluronic acid, which integrates completely with the skin and adds volume to areas that are diminished by lines or wrinkles. Our other injectable treatments, BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN®, work by preventing movement of the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to appear.

Dermal Fillers

JUVEDERM®, Versa, Vobella, Voluma, and Radiesse® are dermal fillers that are injected in small amounts beneath the skin. These injectables can be used to effectively treat lines in the skin around the cheeks, lips, and chin, adding volume and creating a smoother appearance. In many cases, dermal fillers can make acne scarring less noticeable.

Rachel will plan your treatment so that the injections are delivered in the optimal locations to help you achieve your goals.

Administering dermal fillers can typically be completed in less than 20 minutes. Rachel, Nurse Injector, will plan your treatment so that the injections are delivered in the optimal locations to help you achieve your goals. You will need to avoid direct sunlight, heat, alcohol, smoking, and exercise for the first 24 hours following treatment. The results from filler vary from person to person, however, typical time between injections is approximately 4-6 months.

About BOTOX® Cosmetic And XEOMIN®

The active ingredient in BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN® is a protein that works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses and disabling muscle contractions. Constant movements when speaking, chewing, and making facial expressions can cause lines and wrinkles to form or worsen over time. Targeted treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic or XEOMIN® can soften the appearance of these lines and create a more youthful look. Results from these injectable treatments can typically be expected to last for three to six months.

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