Heavy eyelid bags can make you look tired and add years to your appearance. Lower eyelid surgery can eliminate under-eye circles, puffiness, and sagging skin, giving your face a youthful, rejuvenated look. As you age, your eyes may change their shape, becoming rounder, and making you look older than you really are. Lower eyelid surgery can restore original eye contours. Dr. Madhukar G. Chhatre and his team in Kansas City, MO, focus on your safety and comfort, and offer sedation options to make your lower eyelid surgery as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Patients appreciate the spa-like atmosphere of our facility at Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. Your procedure will be performed in complete privacy at Dr. Chhatre’s in-house ambulatory surgical unit.

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What Is Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery, also known as lower blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure. This treatment removes bulging fat deposits, which cause bags beneath the eyes. The lower lid is also tightened, creating a fresher, smoother look. After the procedure, patients may appear less tired and more youthful.

Candidates For Lower Eyelid Surgery

Men and women with sagging skin or excess fat deposits in the area of the lower eyelids may be candidates for lower eyelid surgery. To undergo this procedure, patients should be non-smokers who are in good overall health and free of any conditions that could hinder their healing and recovery. It is advisable that patients have positive, realistic goals for what this procedure can accomplish. During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Chhatre will discuss your aesthetic goals and create a customized treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your Lower Eyelid Surgery

Some medications and supplements can cause excess bleeding. You will be advised whether you should discontinue use of any of these medications in preparation for your surgery. On the day of surgery, Dr. Chhatre or a specialist will administer sedation before incisions are made on the inside of the eyelid or just below the lashes. This positioning in the natural crease results in minimal scarring that is virtually imperceptible. If necessary, any excess fat pockets will be removed. For many patients, fat is sculpted or repositioned to more hollow areas, providing a smoother, natural appearance. In cases where more volume is needed, fat may be transferred from another area of the body. If your lower eyelid muscle is sagging, it will be tightened, and, if necessary, small amounts of skin may be removed. Dr. Chhatre can also combine your lower eyelid surgery with an upper eyelid surgery or brow lift to provide a more dramatic transformation.

Lower eyelid surgery can eliminate under-eye circles, puffiness, and sagging skin, giving your face a youthful, rejuvenated look.

What To Expect After The Procedure

After your incisions are sutured, Dr. Chhatre may apply a topical ointment to the incision area. Discomfort from lower eyelid surgery is generally minimal, and many patients require no pain medication at all. Dr. Chhatre can provide you with any necessary prescriptions to aid in minimizing discomfort and swelling. Applying cold compresses for the first 48 hours after surgery can also help reduce swelling. You may shower and participate in light activities for the first week, but strenuous activities or heavy lifting should be avoided. Most patients return to work within a week. In most cases, results of lower lid surgery are lifelong, with no “touch-ups” required. Patients return to their normal activities looking refreshed, and face life with renewed confidence.

Choosing Dr. Chhatre For Your Procedure

For the most favorable outcome of any surgical procedure, it is essential to choose an experienced and highly qualified surgeon. Dr. Chhatre has over 30 years of experience, and he is fully board-certified in plastic surgery. Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa opened in 1994 and features one of the first fully state-accredited surgical suites in the area. Dr. Chhatre strives to form a personal relationship with each patient and to fully understand their goals and expectations. Our friendly and caring team is devoted to providing patients with a positive experience in a supportive environment.

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