Professional Skin Care products are an integral part of skin health.  There are so many different products on the market today which can make it overwhelming in making a decision about which products will be best for you.  At Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, the products we have chosen for you are all medical grade.  Backed by science and years of clinical studies, we have many options for every skin type and condition.  All skin care consultations are complimentary with our esthetician, Kelsey.  At the time of your consultation she will assess your skin and give recommendations on which products will best benefit you.  Contact our office today for a free skin care analysis.

Skin Ceuticals

Prevention, protection and correction are the three fundamental elements an effective skin care regime must contain.  The SkinCeuticals line has pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with proven scientific results.  They are designed, formulated and tested for effectiveness.  Contact our MedSpa, serving the Kansas City area, today for a complimentary skin care evaluation to determine which products best suit you.

Obagi Nu-Derm

The Obagi Nu-Derm skin care system improves the function of your skin cells, revealing younger, firmer, softer and more even skin.  Through a 4 phase process- ‘Out with the old’, ‘In with the new’, ‘Healthy glow’ and finally ‘The new you’- you will see the transformation from dull, hyperpigmented skin to bright, firm and clear skin.  If you have tried every ‘lightening’ product out there with no change, Obagi Nu-Derm is right for you. Contact Kelsey to learn more with a complimentary skin care evaluation.


Skin Medica has dedicated 2 decades of research, formulating advanced products to promote long term health of the skin.  Committed to advancing the science of skin rejuvenation, these products work with the skin natural healing properties to help achieve transformative results from the inside out.  At our MedSpa we carry some of the most coveted and powerful Skin Medica products, such as TNS Advanced+ Serum and the Instant Bright Eye Duo.  Contact our office today to meet with our Licensed Esthetician for a complimentary skin analysis.

iS Clinical

iS Clinical is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically validated skin care products that deliver dramatic and visible improvements to the skin.  They are committed to incorporating the highest level of clinical validation in all of its products with superior quality cleansers, treatments and moisturizers that are powered by the most innovative ingredients on the market.  Contact our Kansas City MedSpa today for your complimentary skin analysis to see if iS Clinical products will benefit you!


LATISSE® eyelash enhancer is the first and only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved cosmetic treatment for increasing the length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes. Available only through prescription, it is applied once a day to the base of the upper eyelashes. Results may be apparent within four weeks; full results take sixteen weeks.

Baby Foot

Baby Foot is an unparalleled foot peel that provides the opportunity to care and maintain your feet at home.  This scientifically formulated foot peel is made from high quality ingredients including 16 natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.  Baby Foot is a favorite at our Kansas City area MedSpa for gifts and self care.  Stop by our MedSpa today to get yours.

Sugar Bear Vitamins

Sugar Bear Gummy Vitamins are available in 3 different options that can be taken together or separately.  Sugar Bear Hair, Sleep and Multi Vitmains are scientifically formulated vegan gummies used to help with hair, skin and nails, women’s health and a healthy sleep pattern.  In 2019 we were the top selling retailer in the state of Missouri for the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins.  Contact our office to learn more about these delicious little bears.