Age-Defying Laser Skin Treatment

Heather Mock and Natalie Straub, licensed estheticians, can help patients achieve smoother, clearer skin through laser resurfacing at Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, serving Kansas City and nearby communities.

ProFractional laser resurfacing is a new technology which can successfully treat a variety of skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, pore size as well as the overall skin health and appearance. By accelerating your body’s collagen production, this process rejuvenates your skin and gives you stunning results with very little downtime. To find out how laser resurfacing can benefit you, contact our office serving the greater Kansas City area today.

The ProFractional Laser Therapy Process

Though laser resurfacing has been in practice for several years, ProFractional laser resurfacing is a relatively new process that is considered a breakthrough in cosmetic skin treatments. Traditional laser resurfacing and ProFractional therapy operate on the same principal: a high energy beam vaporizes lines, wrinkles, scars and pigmentation layer by layer. Meanwhile, the heat stimulates the formation of new collagen to provide improved elasticity as well as support for the skin. The ProFractional resurfacing does all of this, but by creating clean, micro-ablated channels into the skin, while activating collagen growth. The result is increased thickness of the skin. By leaving the surrounding tissue intact, it assists in promoting wound healing and collagen production.

After the procedure some redness and possible swelling can be expected for just a few days, and most times it is safe to start wearing a mineral make up around 4 days.. Prior to leaving on the day of the procedure, Natalie or Heather will explain all post procedure instructions as well as talks about products that will be included to assist in healing and delivering the best results.

Results From ProFractional Therapy

While great results can be seen with just one treatment, some times multiple treatments will be necessary to see the best change. This treatment can also be done in conjunction with BBLMicroLaser Peel, and/or Skin Tyte procedures to treat different skin conditions all at the same time.

Results can sometimes be seen immediately following the healing of the procedure, however, due to the collagen growth process, the final result can be seen up to 4 months following the final treatment.