People concerned with signs of aging who want their appearance to better reflect how they feel inside often turn to Radiesse® Volumizing Filler. This injectable treatment can add youthful volume to the contours of your face, and fill in wrinkles and folds in the skin. With a number of facial rejuvenation therapies at our disposal, our cosmetic nurse injector, Rachel, can help you decide whether Radiesse® is right for you. Contact our Kansas City area practice today and let us help you begin the path towards achieving a fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

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How Does Radiesse® Work?

The main active ingredient in Radiesse® is a mineral-like compound that is naturally found in our bodies, called calcium hydroxylapatite. These calcium-based particles essentially create scaffolding that supports collagen, or the protein vital to the skin elasticity’s, suppleness, and beauty. By stimulating collagen production, Radiesse® can quickly and effectively improve the texture of your skin and diminish many common signs of aging.

What Does Radiesse® Treatment Involve?

Performed in our office, Radiesse® treatment is convenient and comfortable, and can be performed in just 15 minutes. During treatment, Rachel, will gently insert a small needle into the pre-determined treatment areas. The collagen-boosting solution will be injected beneath the dermis layer of your skin, allowing for optimal efficacy. Side effects are very rare, and most patients report little to no discomfort during treatment. Following the quick procedure, patients can return to everyday activities, such as work or the gym. In fact, many patients may choose to undergo Radiesse®  treatment during their lunch break.

Am I A Good Candidate For Radiesse®?

Most healthy adults who are interested in refreshing their appearance are good candidates for Radiesse®. While the therapy can benefit adults of all ages, most of our Radiesse® patients are 35 or older and have visible signs of aging. Candidates may choose Radiesse® if they are concerned with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thin-looking cheeks due to loss of volume in the skin
  • Deep smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines extending around your smile
  • Loss of volume at the corners of the mouth, resulting in a turned-down smile
  • Jowls on either side of the chin

Because calcium hydroxylapatite is biosynthetically produced without the use of animal-based products, patients can rest assured that Radiesse® has an extremely low risk for allergic reaction.

How Long Will The Effects Last?

Patients can enjoy immediate results with Radiesse®, and leave our office with noticeably fewer lines and less drooping around the mouth and chin. Since the compound in Radiesse® creates a support system that encourages collagen production for several months, patients can expect their results to last for over a year. These long-lasting effects are clinically proven, and are another reason why Radiesse® is a great investment in your self-confidence.

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