tummy tuck may be determined a suitable procedure for a number of candidates: someone who has experienced extreme weight loss, a mother whose multiple pregnancies have led to permanent loosening of the skin around the belly, or someone with a predisposition towards a disproportionate amount of stubborn fat around the midsection.

Though the benefits are numerous, including tightened, toned skin and a flatter stomach, many potential patients have put off surgery over fear of a prolonged recovery period and persistent pain.  At Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, our highly trained, board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Matt Chhatre, honors a career-long pursuit of excellence in aesthetic enhancement. Utilizing the latest body contouring techniques in a safe, clean, professional environment, we focus on providing the best tummy tuck recovery possible to our Kansas City patients.

Our state-of-the-art surgical facility, also serving residents of Overland Park, Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas, provides a range of plastic surgery procedures. To learn more about our available services, or learn whether you are a suitable candidate for a tummy tuck, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chhatre today.

Tummy Tuck Recovery: What To Expect

During a consultation with Dr. Chhatre, you will discuss the recovery post surgery, in addition to realistic results you can expect to see and ways you can speed and encourage healing. Throughout every stage of treatment, our friendly, informative team is available to answer questions and lessen any anxiety you may have surrounding your recovery.

A tummy tuck procedure removes and tightens sagging skin, and flattens the abdominal muscles, producing a slimmer, shapelier midsection. Immediately following your surgery, a compression band or girdle will be placed, meaning you will wake with this garment on. To ensure good contouring and even healing, the compression band or girdle should be worn for six to eight weeks.

The night after your surgery is performed, Dr. Chhatre and your anesthesiologist will call to personally check up on you, and one of our nurses will check in with you the following day. Depending on how your draining is progressing, a follow up appointment may be needed in the next two to three days and drainage tubes are typically removed at the end of seven days. Dissolvable sutures will be absorbed by the body within two to three weeks, and four tiny sutures, placed around the belly button, will be removed ten to 14 days post procedure.

During the early stage of recovery, patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting and walking up stairs for one week. Healing and total recovery time depends on each person’s unique pain threshold, but tummy tuck patients are advised to first begin walking slowly as they ease back into an exercise routine.

Explore The Reality Of A Slimmer Tummy

If a persistent adherence to a healthy lifestyle has left your protruding or saggy stomach unaffected, a tummy tuck can create the slimmer shape you desire. Benefits to the procedure include improved self confidence and body image, among others.

By choosing a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Chhatre, you can rest assured your recovery post tummy tuck will go smoothly and allow you to return to your normal activities within a short amount of time. Meet with our surgeon today for a consultation, or contact our office to learn more about our available body contouring procedures.