Dr. Matt Chhatre recommends round breast implants at his clinic serving Kansas City and surrounding communities.

Although there are two primary shapes of breast implants currently available on the market, Dr. Chhatre stands behind round breast implants because they involve significantly fewer risks than teardrop-shaped implants, and can produce a more pronounced change in your appearance with the use of a smaller implant. Round implants also tend to be more cost-effective than other varieties. If you want to learn more about the advantages of round breast implants, contact our office serving Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and Overland Park.

Breast Implant Shapes

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is an important and extremely personal one. Your choice of plastic surgeon, your desired increase in breast size, and the amount you wish to spend are all important considerations in the process. One consideration many women do not take into account until they arrive at their initial consultation is whether they prefer to have round or teardrop-shaped breast implants.

Teardrop breast implants are often marketed as appearing more natural because they hold the greater volume of the implant at the base of the breast to mimic the natural fullness of breast tissue. Round implants placed under the muscle can look equally natural, and produce a more natural curvature over the breast implant.

The most important difference is that teardrop-shaped implants may rotate following insertion. This danger does not apply to round implants. Round implants may also rotate, but because they are symmetrically shaped, they will not change the appearance of the breast if this occurs.

Round implants offer many other frequently overlooked benefits. They can give you fuller-looking breasts and more attractive cleavage, they produce more apparent results with a smaller implant, and cost less than teardrop-shaped implants. Because Dr. Chhatre believes in performing breast augmentation procedures that yield incredible, long-lasting results to make you look and feel amazing, he encourages all his breast augmentation patients to choose round breast implants.

There are a number of variations on the round breast implant which can help you more closely capture the look you desire. There are round breast implants designed to add greater dimension to the breast, raise the profile of the bustline, and increase the projection of your breasts. To determine which variety of round breast implant is best, you and Dr. Chhatre will discuss your aesthetic goals. You may bring photos illustrating the look you want to achieve, or perhaps clothing you would like to fit better. He will consider your height, weight, and body frame to determine the proper size of breast implant for your procedure.

Learn More About Breast Implants

Round breast implants can give you a lovely, playful new bustline that will enhance your entire figure and elevate your self-esteem to rejuvenating new heights. Along with these benefits, they provide the safest, most cost-effective results. To learn more about how round breast implants will benefit you, please contact our clinic serving Kansas City, Lee’s Summit and Overland Park today.