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Cosmetic skin care treatments and products are available at Dr. Matt Chhatre’s clinic serving Kansas City and neighboring communities.

To learn more about which skin procedures and products will benefit you, please  contact our clinic serving the greater Kansas City area today.

MedSpa Services

Halo Hybrid Fractionated Laser

Using dual wavelength technology, Halo is the worlds first Hybrid laser.  Targeting all skin imperfections with one laser, we are able to deliver fast and beautiful results with each treatment.  Our experienced esthetician has had many training sessions to be able to deliver the best possible results for each skin type and concern.  Schedule your complimentary Halo consultation today!

Roascea, Dull Skin, Large Pores , Flushed look?  ClearSilk is a comfortable, no downtime facial like laser that lightens diffuse redness, lightens pigment, improves fine line, minimizes pore size and brightens the skin. Treatments are quick, pain free with minimal redness for a short time following the treatment.  This treatment can be done on all skin types and throughout the entire year.
Diamond Glow
Diamond Glow is our newest and most popular monthly skin treatment.  This microdermabrasion style infusion treatment removes dead surface skin cells, extracts debris from pores and infuses up to 2 serums specifically selected into the dermal layer of the skin.  If you’re ready for a smooth, bright and clear skin, contact our Kansas City area MedSpa today to schedule.

Laser Hair Removal

We are so excited to be one of the very first offices in the Kansas City area to offer Laser Hair Removal with the new Vectus™ laser.  This laser is top of the line and you will see fast amazing results with quick sessions and little discomfort.  If you’re interested in seeing if laser hair removal will work for you, call our office to schedule your complimentary consultation with us!

BroadBand Light(BBL)

BroadBand Light treatments-BBL(can also be referred to as IPL) can help with many skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, facial spider veins and acne.  This treatment helps renew the skin tone and tighten pores.  Contact our office serving the Kansas City metro area today to schedule your skin care consultation.

Tired of covering your legs because of veins?  This is the perfect treatment for you!  ClearV uses a unique Integrated Vein Illumination technology to allow your esthetician to have the best visibility to treat your veins.  Treatment times are quick and results are amazing.  Contact our office today to learn if ClearV would be a good option for you.

Skin Tyte

Skin Tyte is a treatment that is performed with infrared heat to heat up the soft tissues to tighten skin for a younger look.  This procedure can be performed with the BBL treatment for hyperpigmentation or the Microlaser Peel for the best results.  If you are looking for a skin tightening treatment in Kansas City with no downtime, contact our office today.

Microlaser Peel

This superficial laser peel leaves the skin with a fresh, smooth and younger look with very minimal downtime and discomfort.  If you’re looking to reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines and smooth the skin overall, the Microlaser peel is the perfect treatment for you.

ProFractional Therapy

ProFractional therapy is a laser treatment the leaves a fraction of the surface skin intact while ablating the skin at a deeper level initiating the body’s wound healing response for smoother, tighter, more youthful looking skin.  If you are ready to freshen your skin with minimal downtime and great results, contact Kansas City skin care specialist today for your complimentary skin analysis.


ViPeels by Vitality Institue Medical Products are recognized as a leader in medical skin care.  Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa’s esthetician has seen amazing results with these peels that help everything from sun spots to rosacea and melasma to acne.  The ViPeels are safe for all skin types and ages starting as young as 13 for acne treatments and mature skin for skin tone and tightening.  If you are interested in renewing, firming and brightening your skin with a ViPeel, contact our Kansas City office today.

Dermaplaning is our most popular monthly add on treatment.  Using a surgical blade, your esthetician will use precise angles and pressure to scrape over your skin removing dead skin cells and in addition removes the vellus hair(peach fuzz).  This treatment is beneficial for enhanced product penetration and treatment benefit.  Contact our clinic today to learn more or to schedule your dermaplaning appointment.


With close to 1300 controlled fractionated channels into the skin per second, this minimal to no downtime treatment will assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, sundamage and hyperpigmentation, scarring, acne and improving overall skin quality.  If you would like to learn more about how Microneedling can benefit your skin, schedule your complimentary skin evaluation with our esthetician today.

Brightening Peel

This no down time no pain peel is the perfect treatment for more vibrant glowing skin.  Using a mixture of alpha and beta hydroxy acids this peel removes dead skin cells while also hydrating and softening the skin.  You leave our Kansas City area MedSpa with glowing, soft, beautiful skin.


MicroPeel Plus

The MicroPeel Plus is a procedure that stimulates cellular turnover through the application of salicylic acid.  This procedure will help smooth fine lines, help skin discoloration blend, and control acne while reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Learn More About Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Our licensed esthetician is passionate about helping you achieve and maintain beautiful skin. To learn more about how our Kansas City area MedSpa’s skin care treatments and products can help you achieve the vibrant, healthy skin you desire, contact our clinic  serving the greater Kansas City are today.