If you are considering a thigh lift to reduce or eliminate excess tissue from your thighs, it is likely that you are a good candidate, but there are certain candidacy factors you should meet. Some of these include being in good overall health and a non-smoker. Additionally, you should be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and regular exercise.

During your initial consultation at Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we will evaluate your health and goals to determine whether a thigh lift is right for you. To find out if you are a thigh lift candidate, contact Dr. Matt G. Chhatre at his Kansas City, MO-area practice to schedule your appointment.

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Thigh Lift For Cosmetic Reasons

A thigh lift can eliminate loose skin from your inner and outer thighs. This treatment can be particularly beneficial if you have recently lost a significant amount of weight. Dramatic weight loss can leave you with severely stretched or sagging skin that obscures your healthy new size. During a thigh lift, Dr. Chhatre will sometimes also recommend liposuction to eliminate isolated pockets of fat.

Thigh Lift Surgery After Weight Loss

Many weight loss patients can benefit from a thigh lift. However, the treatment is only appropriate if you are already at a healthy weight. If you plan to lose additional weight, you should not undergo surgery until you have reached your goal weight. Weight loss after thigh lift surgery could leave you with excess, sagging skin, compromising your surgery results.

Additionally, you should be committed to maintaining your healthy weight. No surgery will stop the natural weight gain process. However, with a healthy diet and exercise, your thigh lift results could last for years.

Other Considerations

Thigh lift surgery involves negligible risks, but to qualify for any elective cosmetic procedure, you should be in good overall health. Autoimmune diseases, blood disorders, and other similar conditions make it more difficult for your body to heal. These concerns can also raise your risk for adverse side effects.

The team at Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa wants to make sure that each and every patient is educated about their procedure, each and every time.

Smoking can also make your healing more difficult. To qualify for a thigh lift, you should be willing to quit smoking for at least several weeks before and after your surgery. Having realistic expectations of your results is also very important when considering a thigh lift.

Choosing A Thigh Lift Technique

Before recommending a thigh lift, Dr. Chhatre will evaluate your treatment goals as well as review which type of thigh lift will be most suited to your goals. The various thigh lift techniques include:

  • Inner thigh lift: Excess skin due to age or weight loss can be reduced with an inner thigh lift. This method may be the most appropriate choice if you want to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. With an inner thigh lift, a small incision will be made near your groin.
  • Medial thigh lift: A medial thigh lift also targets the inner thigh, but involves creating a larger incision. This larger incision can result in a more dramatically tightened upper leg.
  • Bilateral thigh lift: More tissue can be removed with a bilateral thigh lift, and the front and outer parts of your thighs are addressed. Dr. Chhatre will create a v-shaped incision near your underwear or bikini line during this procedure.

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The team at Summit Plastic Surgery & Med Spa wants to make sure that each and every patient is educated about their procedure, each and every time. To find out if you are a candidate for a thigh lift, contact our practice today.