Sometimes, diet and exercise are not enough to eradicate stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, thighs, flanks, buttocks, or other problematic areas. At our Kansas City, MO practice, we offer tumescent liposuction to remove fat deposits more safely and effectively than traditional liposuction. During Tumescent liposuction, a Tumescent fluid is injected in the areas that need liposuction to minimize bleeding and expedite recovery time. Dr. Madhukar G. Chhatre also offers VASERlipo®, which uses ultrasound technology to gently break up unwanted fat cells with little to no damage to surrounding tissues.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Liposcution?

Individuals who wish to undergo tumescent liposuction should be in good general health and within 25 pounds of their goal weight. It is important to understand that this procedure is not a weight loss treatment. Rather, it is a method for eliminating pockets of fat that have not responded to diet or exercise.

Tumescent liposuction has become one of the safest, most effective treatments for removing pockets of unwanted fat.

Tumescent liposuction is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or for individuals with certain medical conditions that could hinder the healing process. Because lidocaine is used during this procedure, those with an allergy to the substance will need to consider other options.

Traditional Vs. Tumescent Liposuction

Traditional and tumescent liposuction both have the same objective: to remove fat and contour the body. However, unlike its traditional counterpart, tumescent liposuction involves injecting a large dose of liquid – containing lidocaine and epinephrine – into the targeted area. This not only shrinks blood vessels and reduces bleeding, it also causes the fat deposits to swell and firm up, allowing Dr. Chhatre to remove the unwanted fat safely and efficiently.

Tumescent Liposuction Procedure Process

To begin the treatment process, Dr. Chhatre will first inject the anesthetic solution into the targeted area. This will numb the tissues and plump up the fat cells for removal.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Chhatre will create tiny incisions in the area of concern. Next, a slender cannula is inserted through the incisions, and the unwanted fat is removed using suction. In most cases, stitches are not required following this procedure.

Benefits Of Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, such as:

  • Reduced medication: When undergoing traditional liposuction, patients require general anesthesia or IV sedation. Tumescent liposuction is minimally invasive, eliminating the need for these pharmaceuticals.
  • Minimal bleeding: One of the major disadvantages of traditional liposuction is the amount of blood loss during the procedure. In contrast, bleeding is minimal during tumescent liposuction, as the anesthetic solution shrinks blood vessels and capillaries. In fact, most patients only lose approximately one to two tablespoons of blood during the procedure.
  • Accelerated recovery: Due to the nature of tumescent liposuction, recovery is typically much faster compared to conventional techniques. Because a smaller cannula is used, the incisions can heal on their own without the need for stitches. In addition, less blood loss during the procedure means reduced bleeding, swelling, and bruising during recovery. Most patients can return to work in just 48 hours and resume their workout routines in one to two weeks.

Smooth And Tone Your Figure

Tumescent liposuction has become one of the safest, most effective treatments for removing pockets of unwanted fat. To find out if this procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. ChhatreContact us online anytime or call our office at (816) 347-0026.