Getting lip injections has quickly become one of our most popular requests. There are several options on the market now for lip injections. Our nurse injector, Anne, stays up to date on the newest fillers available to be able to offer you the best options. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to determine which filler will best suit you.

What is Versa

An injectable filler, Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid gel.  It is relatively new to the market and considered a multi-purpose filler.  Similar to other fillers we offer, including Juvederm, Versa is versatile and safe.  This filler can be used to plump lips and add volume to the folds around the mouth and the cheek area.  Versa is a premium quality filler that has a higher molecular weight. As a result, this filler tends to last longer and doesn’t break down as quickly as other common fillers. And there are studies that show there tends to be 24% less swelling than common fillers. Made from a company that works with a worldwide network of respected aesthetic physicians and nurses.

Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with our nurse injector is the first step to determine which filler would be best for you.  If you’ve been wanting to plump your lips, fill in folds around your mouth, or just not sure what you need, Anne will be able to do a full assessment and give you recommendations.  With instant results, you won’t regret your choice to have filler at Summit Plastic Surgery & MedSpa.  Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and injection for the same day

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