Most sun damage is caused in the first 18 years of life. No matter how hard you work at protecting your skin now, that past damage will come to the surface.  It can take years to see the results of this damage but with the ViPeels we can minimize and erase years of damage in just  a few quick peels.  These peels work for all skin types and all ages from pre-teen to mature skin and are safe to do monthly.

Vipeels will help combat aging, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation including melasma, and rosacea.  If you are ready for beautiful skin that will last a life time, contact, Kansas City Licensed Esthetician, Kelsey, for a complimentary skin care consultation today.

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Why ViPeels?

ViPeels are pharaceutical grade chemical peels with a tamed combination of all of the major acids commonly used as peeling agents.  They are a safe, effective approach to achieving younger looking skin and providing superior results rendering other peels obsolete.  Unlike many other chemical peels, this one is virtually painless and requires no pre peel preparation and has minimal downtime.  These peels can be done on the face and body and give excellent results which can be seen in just one week.

There are different levels to the ViPeels.  All of the ViPeels use a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients for the most effective chemical peel available.  The blend of combined ingredients provide excellent exfoliation and helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production while increasing the water levels in the skin for better hydration.  They promote younger looking and feeling skin also while clearing dead skin cells and releasing antioxidants and brightening properties into the skin.

ViPeel Options

The ViPeel Precision includes all of the qualities listed above along with a booster to make the peel 25% stronger to help with pigmentation and is great to be used on the hands and arms to help reduce sun damage.

The ViPeel Precision Plus is the latest breakthrough in age defying treatments for radiant skin.  This peel includes all of the same properties with the booster along with lightening agents for stubborn melasma and sun damage.

To combat acne and acne scarring the ViPeel Acne is the most effective acne treatment available today.  With the original ViPeel formula mixed with acne fighting properties this peel will kill acne bacteria and lighten pigmented acne scarring.

Each peel is incorporated with post peel towelettes that are used at home to enhance this already amazing peel.  Post procedure protectant and post procedure SPF is included with every peel.

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