BOTOX® Cosmetic is a popular and well known “freezer” injectable that has been delivering outstanding results to patients for years. Now, there is a new wrinkle-fighting therapy to add to your anti-aging arsenal: XEOMIN®. Available at our Kansas City practice, Dr. Matt Chhatre is proud to offer this treatment option administered by his Registered Nurse Injector Rachel, which also owes its effectiveness to botulinum toxin.

In general, it works very similarly to BOTOX® Cosmetic, but in some cases, can provide even longer-lasting results. To find out how this treatment can reduce your signs of facial aging and boost your self-confidence, schedule your consultation with us today.

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A Purified Formulation

Since 2005, XEOMIN® has been helping patients throughout Europe achieve smoother, more even skin, and an overall younger appearance. XEOMIN® recently became available to patients in the U.S. Word is spreading quickly about the ease of this treatment, and how long its positive outcomes can last. The XEOMIN® elixir has been purified to maximize its efficacy and longevity. It is free of additives that, in some cases, can inhibit the effectiveness of BOTOX® Cosmetic, prompting some practitioners to refer to it as “naked.”

How Freezing Injectables Eradicate Wrinkles

Like BOTOX® Cosmetic, XEOMIN® targets the specific muscles that cause facial wrinkles and lines. This dynamic treatment works by temporarily paralyzing muscles that, over years of repeated contractions, contribute to an aged appearance. By halting these muscular contractions, the overlying skin is relaxed, reducing or even erasing wrinkles and lines. Patients can generally notice dramatic results in just days. Cosmetic benefits of the treatment can become more pronounced with additional injections spread out over time.

Choosing XEOMIN® For Your Unique Needs

Although XEOMIN® is very similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic, there are subtle but significant differences between the two injectables. With our extensive experience administering anti-aging skin treatments, we know which type works best to address different areas of the face. XEOMIN® is especially effective at softening crow’s feet around the eyes and frown lines between the eyebrows. It can also be used to treat forehead creases, and upper lip lines.

The Treatment Process

XEOMIN® is a simple treatment that you can schedule during a lunch hour or between errands. While you are sitting comfortably in our treatment chair, a small amount of XEOMIN® will be injected with a very thin needle into the targeted areas. We may use a topical anesthetic cream to help ensure your comfort, although some patients experience little to no discomfort without it. After your fifteen-minute treatment, you are free to leave our office and return to your everyday activities. Treatment involves no downtime and the effects can last several months. Most people return about four to six months later for subsequent XEOMIN® injections to maintain their smooth, camera-ready skin.

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None of us can stop the aging process, but we can combat the effect it has on our faces. Contact us today to schedule your anti-aging skin consultation and learn more about whether XEOMIN® is right for you.