thigh lift is a body contouring procedure that is designed to enhance the appearance of your legs by removing excess skin and fat. There are three primary techniques: inner thigh lift, bilateral thigh lift (also called an outer thigh lift), and medial thigh lift, which addresses the upper thigh. After a consultation, Dr. Matt Chhatre can determine the most appropriate technique to use based on your needs and goals. To learn more about the unique advantages of these distinct thigh lift techniques, please contact our Kansas City, MO-area practice today.

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Inner Thigh Lift Surgery

Diet and exercise may help reduce the size of the inner thighs, but it does not always eliminate stubborn pockets of fat completely. With an inner thigh lift procedure, Dr. Chhatre will make a discreet incision at the point where the thigh meets the pubic area to access the underlying structures. After removing excess tissue from the inner thigh, the skin will be sutured closed.

Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery

As patients get older, they may experience a decrease in tissue elasticity, which can result in sagging or drooping skin. When this occurs on the outside and front of the upper legs, a bilateral thigh lift can be used to tighten and shape the thighs. Because this technique is commonly used to remove larger amounts of tissue than other methods, it is also helpful for patients who have lost a large amount of weight. As an added benefit, this thigh lift technique can also help lift the buttocks.

During the bilateral thigh lift procedure, a V-shaped incision will be made at the top of the leg. Depending on your goals, this incision may wrap around to your hip or buttocks area. After removing excess fat and tissue, the skin of the left and right sides of the leg will be pulled smooth and sutured closed, giving the thigh a more toned, proportionate appearance.

Medial Thigh Lift Surgery

After losing a substantial amount of weight, many patients are still unhappy with the shape of their legs, or with the appearance of loose or sagging skin. The medial thigh lift technique is designed to correct this concern by removing excess tissue in the upper portion of the inner thigh. To begin the procedure, Dr. Chhatre will make an incision in the groin, which will extend back to the crease of the buttock or hip region. Depending on the amount of tissue being removed, the incision may also extend down the legs from the groin. Excess skin and fat will be removed, the remaining skin will be tightened, and the incisions will be sutured closed.

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After discussing your goals for treatment, Dr. Chhatre can determine the technique that is best-suited for you. Consistent diet and exercise routines is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an attractive figure. However, to achieve the dramatic cosmetic results that you desire, a procedure such as a thigh lift may be necessary. If you would like to learn more about this procedure and the different techniques we can utilize, contact our practice to schedule an evaluation.